Saturday, 11 January 2014

Essie Penny Talk

Hello ladies!

Today I tried on another polish in the Essie Mirror Metallics Collection.
This time it is Essie Penny Talk!
Penny Talk is a copper almost chrome like nail polish.

I started off with a base coat of Essie Fill the Gap! to smooth out the surface of the nail and prep it for the metallic polish, that shows of every little imperfection on the nails.

Essie Penny Talk has an amazing dry time and the polish is really opaque like the rest of the Mirror Metallics collection and metallics shades in general.
The shade is also really pretty and matches a brand new penny perfectly!

Edit: I noticed that the colour of the nail polish looks very different in different lightnings. I would even say it has a little bit of a duo-chrome feature. In some lightnings the copper has orange undertones and in other lights it has violet undertones.
In most lightnings it has orange undertones as on the picture below.

It does not even look like the same polish!

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