Sunday, 26 January 2014

Animal Themed Manicure #7

Hello ladies!

Yesterday I was wearing Essie Avenue Maintain. Today I used that sky-blue base colour to make yet another animal themed manicure for you guys.
This time it is a Glossy vs. Matte Zebra Manicure!

As mentioned the base is two layers of Essie Avenue Maintain. On top of that I used Essie Matte About You to mattify the shiny base. Afterwards I used a nail striper and Avenue Maintain to paint on the zebra stripes.
You can check out cutepolish' video-tutorial on how to make this manicure here.

The weather is perfect for taking pictures today, so I got a really good one, that shows the contrasting effect between the glossy vs. matte finishes perfectly.

I was originally planning to do this manicure in black, but I think it went okay with the blue base.
What do you guys think? Would it have been better in black?

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