Thursday, 16 January 2014

Essie Pearly White

Hello ladies!

I have been soo busy this week, so I am really glad I chose to wear the Essie Pearly White nail polish this monday, because it lasted for four days with no chipping!
Other than its insane wear time the polish is really pretty, classy and matches almost everything.

For the pictures below I used tree to four coats of Essie Pearly and one layer of top coat. The polish is pretty thin and streaky, so you have to be patient when applying it and wait a few minutes in between layers.

So to sum up: The polish is really pretty and classy and lasts in AGES, but application can be quite tricky.


This polish is perfect for a classic Dita von Tesse half moon manicure, so I have got to remember doing that manicure sometime.

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