Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hey guys!

Today I wanted to have some fun, so I found some memes, jokes and interesting facts about nails and nail polish for you guys.
Here we go ;)

Pictures and memes

How I feel about nail polish:

How my boyfriend feels about nail polish:

Interesting facts
1. Men's nails grow faster than women's nails.
2. Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.
3. Nail polish today is refined car paint.
4. There is a superstition that cutting your nails after sunset is bad luck.
5. Manicures have been around for about 4000 years.

And until next time...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Hey guys!

My current pedicure would be perfect for the summer, but I could not resist making it now.
I used Essie Watermelon, and that is where my inspiration came from ;)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fall colours

Hey guys!

Today I have swatched some beautiful fall colours for you!

Essie Sew Psyched 
A pretty, dusty mos green colour with a very subtle glitter (not visible on picture).
I used 1-2 layers. Application was really easy!

Essie Angora Cardi
A really beautiful dusty pink. 
I used 2 layers. Application was really easy!

Gosh Miss Grey
A pretty medium gray. 
I used 2-3 layers.

Essie Go Overboard
A dark marineblue colour with a hint of green.
I used 2-3 layers. Application was somewhat difficult, as the polish was very thin and cuticle seeking. 

Essie Bordeaux
The colour is in the name of the polish ;)
I used 3-4 thin layers, as the polish was very thin. Application was somewhat hard. 

Essie Lady Godiva
A delicious dark brown.
I used 2-3 layers, but application was good.

Max Factor Amethyst
A beautiful dark purple. 
I used 2-3 layers and application was okay.

I hope you'll be inspired of all these pretty fall colours!


Hey guys!

This sweet pedicure (pun intended) is one of my favorite ones ever!

My boyfriend posted a picture of the pedicure in M&M's Denmarks facebook page and they sent us a bag of M&M's and will use the picture on their website! So cool!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Matte About You

Hey guys!

I love, love, love Essie Matte About You (and all other Essie polishes).
Here is another manicure I made with the fabulous nail polish! The (very) dark brown nail polish I used as a base is Essie Lady Godiva.

I think it is really beautiful! ;)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Matte, blue ombré

Hey guys!

For this manicure I experimented with my Essie Matte About You and a variety of blue polishes.
The result: A beautiful matte, blue ombré manicure.

Bikini So Teeny

Hey guys!

It has been a while since I wore this manicure, but better late than never, right?
For this manicure I used Essie Bikini So Teeny, some striping tape and a generous amount of top coat.

Do you like it? :)

Holographic glitter

Hey guys!

Here is the manicure I have been wearing for the last couple of days.
I have used Maybelline Urban Turquoise, Gosh Abundance and a toothpick to place the glitters in the desired pattern.



Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hey guys!

On november the 8th I am going to prom at my school and I am currently working on my manicure for the occasion. 
Here is my ideas so far: 

Which one do you guys like the best?