Sunday, 26 January 2014

Animal Themed Manicure #8

Hey guys!

Tonight I had time to make another animal themed manicure.
This time it is a Penguin Manicure!

I started off with a black base on all my nail, except for my accent nails, which I painted pink with Essie Lovie Dovie. Afterwards I used OPI Alpine Snow to make the penguin stomachs, almost like a ruffian manicure. Then I used various sized dotting tools, the black nail polish and the yellow nail polish Loréal Exotic Canaries to dot on the beaks, eyes and feet of the penguins. On the accent nails I used the red nail polish Essie Lollipop and a tiny dotting tool to make the little heart-shaped eyes.

And there you have it - a Penguin Manicure with accent nails of a penguin in love. So cute!
You can also check out cutepolish' video-tutorial on how to do this manicure here.

I think it is so cute and simple. It would be perfect for Valentines Day, don't you think?

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