Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Essie Good as Gold

Hey girls!

Yesterday I got no less than nine new Essie polishes - yaay!
Of course I could not wait to try them on, so I did a manicure with Essie Good as Gold as soon as I had the time.
Essie Good as Gold is a metallic chrome like gold nail polish.

I used a base of Essie Fill the Gap!, which is a ridge filling base coat, to smooth out the nail and prep it for polishes like metallics or holographics, that show every little imperfection on the nails.

Application was good. Good as Gold is a smooth and very opaque polish, so it is fairly easy to apply. It is a good idea to wait a few minutes between the layers as it can drag the first layer if it is not dry yet.

I also bought the other nail polishes in the Essie Mirror Metallics collection. Would you guys like me to swatch them as well?

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