Wednesday, 18 June 2014

18 Picnic Day

Hey guys!

Today I have another manicure for the June Nail Art Challenge for you - a Picnic Day manicure!

"International Picnic Day celebrates the gathering together outdoors to eat and enjoy one another's company - The Picnic. The true origin of International Picnic Day is unknown, but can be traced back to the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. Picnics were ways for people to escape the restrictions of etiquette and formality. As an informal food holiday, there are few rules and lots of options. International Picnic Day is observed on June 18th each year." (Source).

For the manicure I started off with a white base of Essie Blanc. Afterwards I used a small nail art brush and the red nail polish Essie Lollipop to freehand horizontal and vertical lines to make my nails look like a picnic blanket.

What do you girls think about this manicure? Let me know in the comments!

Stay polished!
- Louise.

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