Friday, 17 October 2014

Fancy Friday: Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello ladies!

Today I have some Fancy Friday nail art to show you guys!
This time the challenge is Breast Cancer Awareness and I decided to make a dry marble skittlette manicure with two of the polishes from the new Essie Breast Cancer Awareness 2014 Collection.

For the manicure I started off with a light pink base of Essie I Pink I Can on my pinky, ring and middle finger and a fuchsia pink base of Essie Pink Happy on my pointer and thumb. For the nail art on my middle and ring finger, I applied Essie I Pink I Can on half the nail and Essie Pink Happy on the other half. Afterwards I used an orange stick to draw the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon in the still wet nail polish. To finish off the skittlette I applied China Glaze Fairy Dust on my pinky.

I am really starting to love skittlette manicures!
What do you girls think about this nail art? Let me know in the comments!

Stay polished.
- Louise

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