Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Manicure #6

Hey guys!

Today I have another christmas manicure for you.
This time it is a Gingerbread Man(icure) - Get it?
For the base I painted all my nails red with two coats of Essie Lollipop, except for the two accent nails, which I painted brown with La Femme Beauty Brown. Then I used a striper, a medium dotting tool and some white nail polish for the frosting. Lastly I dotted four smarties in two different colours on top of the white frosting, two red of Essie Lollipop and two green of Essie Pretty Edgy.

I am not sure if I like it, given that the frosting stripes are so thick and the two accent nails does not look alike - But then again, there is not two Gingerbread Men who look exactly alike, is there? Maybe it is part of the charm.
Merry Christmas!

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