Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Manicure #12

Hey girls!

Tonight it is christmas eve and I made the last christmas nail art for you this year. However sad that is, it turned out really cute and pretty.
It is a Santa Claus Manicure!

I painted all my nails red with one or two layers of Essie Lollipop, except for one of my two accent nails, which I painted a light skin colour with Essie Adore-A-Ball.
For Santa's head I dabbed on some red nail polish on one third of the nail. Once that was dry I dotted on Santa's beard, sideburns and the white part of his hat (whatever that is called) with various sized dotting tools and some white nail polish. Lastly I added his two black eyes and pink nose with a small dotting tool and his crooked smile with a small nail striper and some black nail polish.
For Santa's suit I dotted on the white, fluffy part of it with a big dotting tool and some white nail polish. Then I painted on his belt with some black nail polish and a nail striper. Finally I dotted on his belt buckle with a small dotting tool and some gold nail polish.

It is really adorable, right?
Merry christmas everybody!

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