Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Manicure #10

Hey girls!

Today I have the cutest christmas nail art for you guys.
It is a Santa Hat French Manicure!
This manicure was inspired by the amazing nail artist keshialilly.

I started off by painting the very tip of my nails with two thin coats of Essie Lollipop. Afterwards I dotted on some white polka dots along the red tip for some details. Then I painted on the top part of the hat with a striper and some red nail polish and once that was dry I outlines it with a striper and some black nail polish. Lastly I used the same dotting tool as before and added the very last detail - a dot at the end of the hat.

It may seem and look very hard to do, but it is so simple and easy!
I really love this look. It is so cute and perfect for christmas.

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