Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Essie Summer 2017

Hey guys!

Today I have a swatch and review of the new Essie Summer 2017 collection.
This collection is SPONSORED to me by Essie, but everything I write about it is my honest opinion.

First off is Éclair My Love, which is a pink-leaning red creme.
The formula on this one is amazing and it is a dream to apply - it has the perfect thickness and it is opaque in one or two coat depending on your application. I applied two coats on the picture below, as it had a few dark spots after the first coat. It also dries a little darker than it is in the bottle.

Next up I have Blue-la-la. Blue-la-la is a sky blue creme.
The formula on this one was great as well - a little on the thin side, which is why it needed two to three coats to be opaque (depending on the application). The shade is so worth it though - such a stunner!

Next up is Baguette Me Not - a pink creme with a strong purple undertone.
This polish was such a joy to apply - it is a little on the thin side, but it is easy to apply nonetheless. It needs two easy coats to be fully opaque.
This shade is my favorite from the collection! It is so beautiful!

Time for some S'il Vous Play, which is a metallic pink foil.
The formula on this one is amazing. It needs two thin layers to reach full opacity as it has a few bold spots after only one coat. The dry time is incredible and it quickly dries down to a matte finish.
The only downside to this polish is that it is a pain to remove, but the shade is really unique so it is totally worth it.

Close up!

Next up is Sweet Soufflé - an off-white polish with a few drops of bluish grey and a golden shimmer.
This polish is the only one in the collection that was hard to apply. It needed three runny layers to be completely opaque. The dry time between the layers was good though.

The shimmer was so hard to capture on camera, but you can see it in the close up shot.

Lastly I have Fondant of You, which is an orange polish with a beautiful golden shimmer.
The formula on this shade was good and the dry time between the layers was great. It needed three coats to be fully opaque, as it had a few dark spots after only two coats.
The golden shimmer in this shade looks the same as the shimmer in Sweet Soufflé.

And here's a closer look, where the shimmer is really in your face! So pretty!

My favorites from the collection is Baguette Me Not, Blue-la-la and Éclair My Love, which is the most stunning creme shades for summer!
What do you guys think about this collection? Let me know in the comments.

Stay polished.
- Louise

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