Monday, 9 May 2016

piCture pOlish Nail Art Annual 2016

Hey guys!

Yesterday I participated in the piCture pOlish Nail Art Annual 2016 competition.
The theme of the challenge is 'Impressionist' and we were to pick a painting by Claude Monet to be inspired by.

For the manicure I used A LOT of piCture pOlish shades and black and white acrylic paint. I freehanded the entire design with a small nail art brush, except for the gradient in the background on my ring finger and pinky for which I used a make-up sponge.

Here is a list of the piCture pOlish shades used:
Freya's Cats
Shy Violet
Paris (original)

And here is the Claude Monet painting I was inspired by - one of his many water lilies paintings.

Picture credit

I am so honored, proud and happy for this opportunity - thank you so much piCture pOlish!
What do you guys think about this Claude Monet inspired manicure? Let me know in the comments.

Stay polished.
- Louise

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