Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Classics: Red

Hello ladies!

I know not all of you is hoarding collecting nail polishes to the extent I am. That is why I am starting a new series of blog posts concerning classic nail polish colours that every woman should own, so you girls can have a small but perfect nail polish collection.

Today I am starting off with the one classic colour EVERY woman should own - red!
Red is a timeless shade for your nails and the most versatile nail colour around. It will never go out of style and it is appropriate for anything! Just perfect!

I chose three red nail polishes from my collection in different shades.

L-R: Essie Lollipop, Essie Head Mistress and Essie Bordeaux

Essie Lollipop is a bright candy cane red - a perfect shade for pepping up an outfit!
Essie Head Mistress is a bold and direct medium red - a classic red in all of its meaning.
Essie Bordeaux is a deep wine red - the perfect bordeaux shade.

Which red do you girls like the best? Let me know in the comments!

Stay polished!
- Louise.

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