Saturday, 10 May 2014

Planned posts

Hello ladies!

I always have a list on both my computer and on my phone for blog post and nail art ideas and I really need your help deciding some of my future blog posts! Here's my list:

 Tribal print nails
 Blue gradient (with By K. Blue Fog and By K. Ink)
 Converse nails
◆ Fun, coloured french manicure
◆ Rainbow dotticure
◆ Negative space manicure
 Essie Mirror Metallics swatches
 The Classics (a new series of blog posts concerning classic nail polish colours every woman should own)
- Reds
- Nudes
- Black/white
- Blues
- Glitters
- Pinks
◆ Animal theme (a continuation of the series of blog posts with animal nail art, that I've never actually ended)
- Frog
- Panda
- Giraffe
- Paws (Cat)
◆ Fruit theme (a new series of blog posts with fruit nail art)
- Strawberry
- Kiwi
- Watermelon
- Citrus fruits
- Cherries
- Apples
- Bananas

Please, please, please leave a comment with what you guys would like featured on my blog from either my list or if you have any ideas of your own :)
I really like to make blog posts with what you girls would like to see and read about!

Stay polished
- Louise.


  1. Well Louise, you have already done swatches of the Essie Mirror Metallics. I like the rest of the ideas and as long as you like them too, I would tell you to just go for it. Stay creative. ;)

  2. There are plenty of designs on this list that I'm seeing forward to see!
    I wote for citrusfruit, paws and rainbow-theme for upcoming next! ;)

  3. What about bible verses on each nail?!