Monday, 24 March 2014

Nail Care Routine

Hi girls!

Today I have a different kind of post for you - I will show and tell you guys about my nail care routine.

My nail care essentials

First thing first: nail shape. I use a cheap, regular nail file to shape my nails in the shape called square nails. It is pretty simple really - you just have to file your nails straight across. I never cut my nails, because it makes them split at the tip, but I file my nails about once or twice a week (with nail polish on as a guide).

Naked nails
When I am done filling my nails, I take off my nail polish with a regular nail polish remover with acetone. I have no preferences yet, so unfortunately I cannot recommend anything. If I am wearing a glitter polish I soak my nails in pure acetone for about two or three minutes. I always wash my hands thoroughly after removing my nail polish.

After that is done I use one of my OPI Cuticle Sticks to push back my cuticles and afterwards I apply my Essie Apricot Oil to my cuticles (amazing product!). If my hands is a little dry, I also use a regular hand cream to moisturize my hands - again no preferences.

After the cream and oil is completely dry, I apply my OPI Nail Envy. It is amazing and it works perfectly - it really strengthens my nails. I also use it as a base coat.

And that is it! Pretty simple routine really - nothing big.
What do you girls do to take care of your nails? Let me know in the comments!

- Louise.

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