Sunday, 23 February 2014

L'Oréal Confetti

Hey guys!

Today I have a glitter top coat to show you - the L'Oréal Top Coat Confettis nail polish called Confetti. Confetti is a clear nail polish filled with black and white round and hexagon glitters in various sizes and some very subtle glitter.
I swatched another one of L'Oréal's glitter top coats earlier this week. You can check out that swatch here.

The formula of Confetti was really good, and it was very easy to apply. The glitter pay-off was almost perfect, and the glitters only needed very little placement. Down below the polish is shown over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue - one layer of glitter on my middle finger and two layers on my ring finger.

I hurried on down and bought this nail polish, after I tried on my other L'Oréal glitter top coat. They are both soooo good!

If you like different and fun glitters, I can only recommend you buying this one. The formula and glitter pay-off is amazing and the polish looks really pretty over any colour!

What do you girls think? Let me know in the comments!

- Louise.

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