Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nail polish apps

Hey girls!

Today I will show you the three apps I use for nail polish purposes on my phone.

1. Nail Polish Book (Free)
This is a really cool and simple app.
You take a picture of every polish you own. If you like you can also add the name, shade, brand, collection and a comment about the polish. This way you can easily browse your whole nail polish collection in a second ;)
I have chosen to swatch some of the polishes on my nails for the pictures.

2. Mani Diaries (Free)
This app allows you to share pictures and details of your own manicures and nail art, while admiring others doing the same.
Get inspired and inspire others!
You have your own profile with all your pictures and you can like, comment and follow your favorite nail artists.

3. Nail Designs (2 $ for all packs)
This app is a tutorial app for a lot of beautiful nail designs!
There is a variety of different packs you can choose from, e.g. 'On a date', 'Let's Party', 'Back to school', 'Summer breeze' and so on.
You can then choose your own favorite designs, so you can make them later.
This app is so helpfull and I would definitely recommend it.

(I have an iPhone 4)

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